A good rule of thumb is you should mow your lawn when the grass is about one-third higher
than the recommended mowing height. That being said, there are many conditions that affect
how often you should mow your lawn:

Where You Live:

Here in Massachusetts we have predominantly “coarse-loamy” soil. Which means our soil is a
slightly sandy mix that drains moisture well and is strongly acidic. This means your lawn may
need to be watered a bit more often and may require more fertilizer than other soil types.

The Time of Year

Because we are a four seasons climate in New England, our lawns typically grow fastest in the
spring and fall when the soil reaches the perfect temperature for growing grass. We recommend
mowing on a weekly basis during these times. Growing tends to slow during the hotter months
and your mowing schedule may be less frequent.

If You Use Fertilizer

Not a big secret here. If you use fertilizer, your grass will grow faster and you will need to mow
more often. The trick is to know the amount of fertilizer you need for your soil type.

How You Water:

Obviously, if you stop watering, or cut back, your grass won’t grow as fast. But watering serves
two purposes. It feeds and nourishes your grass, but it also helps moderate your soil
temperature. And as we know, grass grows fastest when the soil temperature is optimal.

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